Kunst.Raum.Konzerte present: Organ Clash meets Kumo

The Kunst.Raum.Konzerte offer a platform for the fusion of sound-, image- and space-based arts. In the process, music is always joined by another art form. In addition to playing their own pieces, each band develops a composition in real time together with the audience. ORGAN CLASH This is edgy organ jazz with a rock attitude…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 09.10.2022

ART@EXIL – Exhibition by the Kandinsky Art Center/ Odessa

art@exil by JKPeV

ART@EXIL - Exhibition of the Kandinsky Art Center/ Odessa Support your Ukrainian Neighbours While Russian missiles militarily attack Ukrainian cities, killing thousands of civilians and destroying homes, art and culture also fall victim to the war. Most museums and galleries in Ukraine were closed after the Russian invasion, including the Kandinsky Art Center in Odessa…

Hechtstraße 17 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 05.11.2022

WERKRaum Exhibition + Vernissage // ,,Brot und Spiele“

Thomas Judisch Michael Merkel Heinz Schmöller et al. No World Cup in the tournament’s nearly century-long history has been as controversial as this year’s finals in Qatar. The deaths of thousands of workers and numerous other human rights violations cast a shadow over the sport and its players. As once in the Roman Empire, the…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 08.10.2021

Video Walk AM I A WARRIOR?

AM I A WARRIOR? is about the war metaphors in cancer medicine. In order to follow the walk you need an internet-enabled smartphone with headphones. The starting point ist marked with two red banners where you can find the video link. After starting the video you can follow the images on your display. After approx.…

Startpunkt Hauptallee Großer Garten (Nähe Eingang Lennéstraße) - 01069 Dresden
Von: 21.03.2022

(Deutsch) CAMPUS Kantine – Kunst an der Baustelle

CAMPUS Kantine - Arbeit "Untitled / Ocean Blue,…

CAMPUS Kantine Kunst im öffentlichen Raum /Art in public space mit / with Bettina Allamoda, Christian Göthner, Antje Meichsner, Wilhelm Klotzeck, Kathrin Rothe, Ina Weise, Klasse Carsten Nicolai, Studio Knut Klaßen, Werkstatt für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Stefanie Wenner mit der Klasse für Szenische Malerei Maren Greinke & Collaborators / HfBK Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Kadija…

Lingnerallee am Skatepark - 01069 Dresden
Von: 02.04.2022


Souninstallation in der Parzelle 3 / Flora I…

Sonya Schönberger with Norbert Lang and Lea Maria Wittich My Garden is a sound and text collage based on interviews conducted at Flora I by artist Sonya Schönberger. The conversations with allotment gardeners dealt with expert opinions and views on the subject of gardens as well as with memories and future prospects of people of very…

im Barockviertel/Neustadt Rähnitzgasse 8 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 10.09.2022

ZUSAMMENSEIN MIT PFLANZEN – Exhibition by Karolin Kutteri

artwork by Karolin Kutteri
artwork by Karolin Kutteri

Vernissage |10 September 2022 | 20:00 In her works, Karolin Kutteri makes art a means of action in the discourse between sustainability, environmental ethics and climate justice. In the fields of painting and performance art, the artist provides a deep insight into spherical intermediate worlds. Elements from botany, anatomy and fractal patterns grow into…

Hechtstraße 17 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 16.09.2022


The visual artists Manja Barthel, Constanze Böckmann, Monika Grobel and Nina May go in an artistic exchange with the polish artists Anna Bujak, Karolina Freino und Karolina Szymanowska. Their work will be shown in Gallery Runde Ecke (riesaefau Kulturforum) Dresden. After times of isolation and limited ways of communication the artists get into an exchange…

Adlergasse 12, Zugang über Wachsbleichstr. 4a (Kultur Forum) - 01067 Dresden
Von: 24.09.2022

Exhibition “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” – Opening ...

"Construction time again" is the motto for the artistic program of GEH8 in Dresden in 2022. The title refers to the 1983 album of the same name by the band Depeche Mode, which brings together various songs that deal with the phenomenon of exploitation. It is about the exploitation of resources and a large part…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 24.09.2022

Ruth Campau: ENTRÉ. Bow and Bend

ENTRÉ. Bow and Bend

Ruth Campau is a pictorial artist. In 2020, she received the Danish Art Foundation's Honorary Grant for her persistent, comprehensive and continuously investigative artistic endeavours. Campau has exhibited her works at a wide range of solo and collective exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, and she has developed site-specific works for public spaces and institutions. Her…

Neustädter Markt 11/12 - 01097 Dresden