Von: 03.06.2023

WERKRaum exhibition + vernissage // Marleen Andreev + Julian...

Just as lines meet in a drawing, the paths of the visual artists Marleen Andreev and Juliane Schmidt cross - this time in the workroom of GEH8. Conceptually seeming but painterly intuited, both aestheticize in their artworks phenomena of everyday life in their own respective visual language. With their musical collaboration in a singing project…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden


Since 2007, the old Deutsche Bahn hall in Gehestraße has been a new home for numerous creative people. High time to open the gate again. The artists of GEH8 invite you into their studios and offer an insight into their work. From painting, drawing, photography to video, sculpture, ceramics, costume and stage design as well…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 04.06.2023

Midsommar – Exhibition by Jean Kirsten

artwork by Jean Kirsten

Full Moon Gallery presents the exhibition MIDSOMMAR by the artist Jean Kirsten in June. This does not contain any paintings but is a two-part installation consisting of his 27-part series of stelae and his Laban model "Seven link movable chain". His artworks were inspired by Suzanne Perrottet and Rudolf Laban, who met and fell in…

Hechtstraße 17 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 04.08.2023

(Deutsch) Tatjana Doll: TOUR-ISMUS

The multi award-winning Berlin artist Tatjana Doll will transform the Zentrum für Baukultur into a gallery featuring her large-format pictorial motifs that explore the urban context and everyday life in the city. In her paintings of various public objects, she poses the question of how much space we are actually willing to accord these things.The…

Schloßstraße 2 - 01067 Dresden
Von: 02.04.2022


Sonya Schönberger; Mein Garten; FLORA I; Kunsthaus Dresden;…

Sonya Schönberger with Norbert Lang and Lea Maria Wittich My Garden is a sound and text collage based on interviews conducted at Flora I by artist Sonya Schönberger. The conversations with allotment gardeners dealt with expert opinions and views on the subject of gardens as well as with memories and future prospects of people of very…

im Barockviertel Dresden / Neustadt Rähnitzgasse 8 - 01097 Dresden
Von: 25.02.2023

Exhibition Opening: Olaf Schirm – SINGULARITY

„As an artist I am interested in the communication process between man and machine, the tension and challenge of human mind and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We cordially invite you to the vernissage of the exhibition "Singularity" by Olaf Schirm on February 25th, 2023 from 7:30 p.m. The artist is personally present.

Hoyerswerdaer Straße 27 - 01099 Dresden
Von: 22.04.2023

FRANK HÖHLER – Photography

Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Freitag, dem 21. April 2023 um 20 Uhr laden wir herzlich ein. Es spricht Dr. Jens Bove, Leiter der Deutschen Fotothek. Der Künstler ist anwesend; zur Ausstellung liegt ein Buch vor. Während der Eröffnung steht Ihnen der Parkplatz an der Grundstraße oberhalb des Museums zur Verfügung. --- Blickt man auf…

Grundstraße 26 - 01326 Dresden
Von: 29.04.2023

Annual exhibition SPACE IS THE CASE

Space is the Case is the title of the 2023 annual program of the GEH8 art and culture center. Under this motto, we ask about the significance of space in relation to social participation. Our underlying thesis is: No space no place. Only the availability of space enables self-development and participation. We consider the preservation…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 01.06.2023

Zorka Wollny: Voices

Bild: Zorka Wollny - Let's Make Noise, Sisters…

We are pleased to open Zorka Wollny's first solo exhibition in Germany on June 1, 2023 and cordially invite you to the opening starting at 6 pm! How do we succeed in making our voices loud on the threshold of a common future? With "Voices / Stimmen" the Kunsthaus Dresden presents the first solo exhibition…

im Barockviertel Dresden / Neustadt Rähnitzgasse 8 - 01097 Dresden