Von: 01.02.2022

Futur_01_The depth remains effect of the surface

Space-filling installation and digital exhibition under the artistic direction of Alba T. Álvarez Opening hours 24/7 in the shop window / digitally via https://www.albatata.com Thurs & Fri 6pm-9pm depending on current corona protection ordinance Current info at www.holeoffame.de At the Hole Of Fame, Futur_01_ combines space-filling installation and digital exhibition to create a glimpse into…

Königsbrücker Str. 39 - 01099 Dresden
Von: 05.02.2022

WERKRaum exhibition + vernissage // Claudia Kleiner – ...

"[...] A central aspect of the working process in Claudia Kleiner's works is stillness. Line by line her works arise, which unfold their effect only after completion of the last stroke. Color and materiality are deliberately chosen here, the veil that ultimately results from parallelism is merely assumed in advance. In the constant same movements,…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 17.02.2022


FINALLY SOMEBODY LET ME OUT OF MY CAGE Paintings and window installation by Luise Lene Kleuser 17 February - 04 March 2022 Thu & Fri 18-21 h Depending on applicable corona protection ordinance (window installation permanently open). Current info at www.holeoffame.de With FINALLY SOMEBODY LET ME OUT OF MY CAGE, the Hole Of Fame will…

Königsbrücker Str. 39 - 01099 Dresden
Von: 08.10.2021

Video Walk AM I A WARRIOR?

AM I A WARRIOR? is about the war metaphors in cancer medicine. In order to follow the walk you need an internet-enabled smartphone with headphones. The starting point ist marked with two red banners where you can find the video link. After starting the video you can follow the images on your display. After approx.…

Startpunkt Hauptallee Großer Garten (Nähe Eingang Lennéstraße) - 01069 Dresden
Von: 04.12.2021

WERKRaum exhibition + vernissage with shop window // Thomas ...

INFO: Due to the current situation, the exhibition will only be visible through the new shop window. For more information at: http://thomasjudisch.com/news/ The artist Thomas Judisch likes to combine different series of works with each other in an unconstrained way, which in the best case tell a story together. He says himself that it's a…

Gehestraße 8 - 01127 Dresden
Von: 21.01.2022

NO FEAR – Photo exhibition by Hajnal Szolga

NO FEAR - Fotoausstellung von Hajnal Szolga
artwork by Hajnal Szolga

The current exhibition in the Full Moon Gallery shows a selection of different photo series by the artist Hajnal Szolga. The artworks are visual narratives that above all provoke contradictory thoughts and emotions in the viewer. The idyllic moment is overshadowed by threat, the noose tightens around the protagonists, a mystical veil shrouds the luminous…

Hechtstraße 17 - 01097 Dresden