Emmanuel Grimaud

Emmanuel Grimaud is an anthropologist and film maker (CNRS-Paris Nanterre). He conceived with Zaven Paré a robot of the hindu God Ganesha to enable people to incarnate God themselves and have a conversation (*Ganesh Yourself*, film, Rouge International/Arte, 2016). He has been the curator of the exhibition *Persona, étrangement humain *(Musée du Quai Branly, 2016). He has published many books, based on ethnographic inquiry, including one on the story of a Gandhi's lookalike (*Le sosie de Gandhi*, 2007), on religious animatronics (*Dieux et robots*, 2008)*, *on japanese robotics *(Le jour où les robots mangeront des pommes*, 2011) and more recently on indian astrology (*L'étrange encyclopédie du Docteur K*, 2014). Before *Ganesh Yourself* (2016), he made several films, including *Cosmic City* (2008)*, *on the psychedelic world of religious animatronics in India, *Kings of Khwaang* (2013) and *Eau Trouble (2013),* with Stéphane Rennesson, exploring the strange worlds of beetle fight amateurs and fish fight in Thailand.