Olbram Pavlicek – KORPSEPUNX

Olbram Pavlicek making sounds and singing at 93Echoesandsirens, ((Scarypool)) and curatoring at PGS. Graduate of bachelor study programme at Supermedia studio and graduate of master programme at Painting studio at AAAD in Prague.

KORPSEPUNX (2020) focuses on the fragility of man, but also on the means that shape man. Aesthetics and functionality — RELAX The body is transformed under the weight of social preferences, or the psyche of an individual by physical injury. Stretching the human body to the clamp and subsequent averaging in a relaxation chair. In this work I follow the connection of aesthetics / functionality of objects with their austere material nature and references to social and social issues. Theory over the development of the human body, mental health and maintaining one’s own integrity under the onslaught of various influences. The installation consists of several objects in which signs of ergonomic design, distress and effort for communication appear.