Kristina Láníková – Reflections, evidences and reports on effects I

Kristina Láníková (born 1988 in Prague), lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. She is focusing on visual art and is an author of poetry. She expresses herself through the media of installation, video and she writes poetic texts, whose collections are published in books. Her area of interest is outlined in terms: fragment/detail, body/corporeality, treatment, biopolitical pressure and femininity. 2008 – 2014 she studied at Faculty of Humanities Charles University, in Prague, Czech Republic and from 2012 – 2018 at the Academy of fine arts in Prague, where she received her Master of fine arts in New media (Tomáš Svoboda) and is doing her doctoral studies in Intermedia (Pavla Sceranková a Dušan Zahoranský) since 2020.

The installation Reflections, evidences and reports on effects I shows Plans of packets cutted out of matte glass which originate from psychiatric medicaments. Their names are printed in the present list. The video captures the special sort of printing machine, which is used in warehouses, at the time when printing sticky labels , intended for individual packages of medicaments. This installation represent fragmentarized body placed in two similar surroundings: medical practice and office at the same time.