Hsien-Yu CHENG – Untitled

Artist Hsien-Yu CHENG Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1984. Currently an artist & software developer based in Taipei. Most of CHENG’s works are electronic installations, software, and experimental bioelectronics devices. His works explore the relationship between human behavior, emotion, software and machine. He tries to bring out the meaning of life through his works that are filled with his own observation and feelings toward society & environment in a humorous way. Currently, he is focusing on the fields of biology, electronics, software, and making tools for creative industrial applications. CHENG has been selected by Dutch Young Talent, and won First Prize of Taipei Digital Art Award, Quality Award of New Media of Kaohsiung Art Award, and Tung Chung Art Award.

Untitled build and develop a software base collector which collects all contents from the live chat, forum and bbs…etc from different countries by machine learning. Base on the prototype, software starts to collect and train the model as dataset for generating script for performance(play/movie/live performance …etc.) The way to generate script for performance will be base on the other training model which create by feeding some sci-fi movie/fiction script into machine learning model. The result will be a script which content all the plots of a play base on pre-training style generate by the prototype dataset. The plots of this play could be preposterous, but those contents will be concern and relate to the trending topics, sense, the way of typing/speech style from internet community.