Elena Pecenova & Vojtech Novak „G‘ Is for Gumshoe“

09.11.2023 — 11.11.2023

Elena Pecenova & Vojtech Novak „G‘ Is for Gumshoe“

“G‘ Is for Gumshoe‘ exhibition by Elena Pecenová and Vojtěch Novák is a parallel continuation of the ‚Clueless Agency‘ series of off-site exhibitions by Prague collective PGS.

The exhibition series is guided by the possessed mind and mental state of a zealous private eye, a keen detective, an undefined character who is absolutely committed to what they/he/she calls “the greater resolution“, but only to get lost in its own case.

Exhibiting artists:

Elena Pecenová & Vojtěch Novák

The exhibition opens at 19:00 on the 9th of November, on display till 11.11.2023

Open daily from 12:00-19:00 or by appointment on 0420 728754547



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