Horizont, Baum und Rhythmus

29.05.2024 — 23.08.2024

Horizont, Baum und Rhythmus
Sylvia Fenk: Waldrand, Cyanotypie/Kaltnadelradierung, 2022 © Sylvia Fenk

The first exhibition in the new annual series "In the midst of nature" by the free and open artist group "Pleinair" shows works by Sylvia Fenk, Gerrit Höfig, Franziska Kunath, Mirjam Moritz, Maja Nagel, Anita Rempe and Elisabeth Richter.

In this exhibition, the focus is on transferring what has been seen and experienced: At the beginning, landscapes were studied and the rhythms of horizontal and vertical lines found in nature were transferred comparatively unadulterated as a compositional framework into a graphic or painterly work. Through this intensive type of appropriation, such rhythms were internalised and used in increasingly free discussions of content and artistic working methods from within and brought to fruition in independent compositions.


Opening Hours

Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Fr 9 – 18 Uhr, außer an Feiertagen