Diplom- und Jahresausstellung 2024 & Sommerfest

19.07.2024 — 01.09.2024

Diplom- und Jahresausstellung 2024 & Sommerfest
Rückblick Diplome 2023 © Andreas Seeliger

Annual exhibition Faculty I Fine Arts: 19 July 2024 Pfote ///

SUMMERFEST & Annual exhibition Faculty II: 20 July 2024 Güntzstraße 34 ///

Diploma exhibition Fine Arts: Opening: 26 July 2024 Brühl


In July and August 2024, results from the teaching of both faculties will be presented in various studios at the university locations and diploma theses will be on display.

The Fine Arts degree exhibition, which will be presented in the Oktogon and the adjacent studios, brings together a wide variety of positions and artistic media. 

The Restoration, Stage and Costume Design, Theatre Design and Art Therapy degree programmes will open their annual exhibition on Güntzstraße and celebrate the SUMMER FESTIVAL with you.



Opening Hours

Mi – So | 11 –18 Uhr