DANCE MOOD - Exhibition by Ulrike Vogel

18.08.2024 — 06.09.2024

DANCE MOOD - Exhibition by Ulrike Vogel
artwork by Ulrike Vogel

Come to the Full Moon Gallery on 18 August and discover what lies behind the red curtain.
Enter the radiant and enchanting exhibition "Dance Mood", in which art and dance come together under the mystical glow of the moon.

Inspired by her work as a make-up artist at the Dresden Semperoper, Ulrike Vogel depicts the harmonious interplay of lightness and energy of dance in her paintings.

About the artist:

Ulrike Vogel grew up in a musical family. From 1989, she was a member of the Osterzgebirgischer Kunstverein with Johannes Zepnick, a freelance painter and graphic artist, in Dippoldiswalde. She had personal exhibitions in Dippoldiswalde in 1991 and 1992. From 1994 to 1995, she completed an internship in the make-up department at the Semperoper in Dresden as part of her studies. Between 1995 and 1999, she studied make-up art at the Dresden University of Fine Arts and successfully completed her studies. In 1999 she married the dancer Hannes-Detlef Vogel and in the same year their son Paul Luis was born. Her second son Hans Alfons was born in 2001. She worked as a freelance make-up artist until 2014, since when she has been a permanent make-up artist at the Semperoper Dresden.

"Dance, with its lightness and dynamism, strength and beauty, has inspired me since I was a child. For me, dance is the completion of musical feeling and can express everything. It leaves room for imagination, poetry, emotion and personal thought.

My first close encounter with dance began in 1994 during an internship at the Semperoper, where I took every opportunity to draw the dancers in the ballet hall in my free time. This resulted in artistic and collaborative work with some dancers (TANZZEITLOSE) and the first dance oil paintings.

After a break, I started painting again in 2019, mostly inspired by the music and choreographies danced by the Semperoper Ballett.

In my paintings, I try to express my feelings and my view of the diversity in dance, the apparent lightness, the infinite flow of movements, the dynamics, energy and beauty. Colour plays a major role for me in this. Dealing with it gives me inner liberation, joy and energy."

18 August - 06 September 2024

Vernissage | 18 August 2024 | 20:00

Full Moon Gallery

Free admission!