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05.07.2024 — 21.07.2024

9016traffic://grü ße aus dem of f

"Buffing" is the term used to describe the removal of graffiti and tags in public spaces by painting over them or otherwise rendering them unrecognisable. What remains are usually cloud- or box-shaped surfaces that stand out from their background in colour and texture and (unintentionally) transform the work to be removed into a completely new one.

The exhibition "9016traffic://greetings from the of f" takes phenomena in public space such as buffing as an opportunity to reflect on the transience of images, the interplay between visibility and concealment and the subtle interventions in the urban realm.

Matthias Mummereit and Adrian Czubatinski began painting graffiti as teenagers and this period still characterises their artistic work and their perception of the city. Through this lens, walls and fences are viewed in terms of their surmountability, buffs as hidden works, vacancies as utilisation potential and billboards in terms of their interchangeability. In their joint exhibition at the Hole of Fame, they make the physical boundaries of public space both a theme and a medium. The RAL shade #9016 - traffic white - is the most frequently used colour in public spaces and is the theme that runs through the paintings and sculptures that connect the exhibition space with the public space.


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