6.6.24 19 Uhr: TRONS R US // Akwasi Bediako Afrane (Ghana)

06.06.2024 — 12.06.2024

6.6.24 19 Uhr: TRONS R US // Akwasi Bediako Afrane (Ghana)

TRONS R US // Akwasi Bediako Afrane (Ghana) Opening: 6.6.24 7pm

Technological products are undoubtedly prosthetic extensions of human capabilities. The accelerated production of these devices can be traced back to the fact that these technological devices are an attempt to perfect humans and thus put them in a "god-like" state. However, technology harbours a paradox, as it also serves to restrict the human environment. Even with its greatest promise of "redemption", technology possesses a diabolical amplification, like a double-edged sword that both augments and subtracts from the human environment.

TRONS 'R' US reflects on this idea of augmentations while exploring the many facets of the life cycle of technological consumer products from their creation to their "end". The project addresses the need to move society into a state of "openness" towards electronic consumer products and their impact on the environment. TRONS 'R' US presents an installation of TRONS, along with a short documentary film that briefly touches on the life cycle of consumer electronics to stimulate a critical discussion about the holistic picture and the invisible processes behind the existence of these devices.

This project also aims to explore the current "invisible prosthetic problem" by presenting hacking as a means for a sustainable future. This problem arises when these prosthetic extensions are not experienced and cared for as such, which is exacerbated by alienation in the Marxist sense. This allows those who can control the technology of these prosthetic extensions to effectively dominate our society.

Akwasi Bediako Afrane (b. 1990) is a Ghanaian artist who lives and works in Kumasi, Ghana. In his works, he explores the idea of magnification and expansion between technical devices and people. He works with discarded electronic devices, which he calls "amputees", and transforms them into machines and microorganisms, which he calls "TRONS". These TRONS become potential platforms and media for reflection, engagement and interaction. Without their familiar casing, the TRONS become mechanical devices into which the consciousness of the previous owners of these gadgets and of himself has been channelled. The technology of these prosthetic extensions dominates our society.


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