Walkin Studios – That´s the Question
Walkin Studios is a creative hub for multidisciplinary art and for pursuing uninhibited creation. We support fearless thought and practice. Driven by critical discourse and sensitivity to our environment, we try to find ways of flourishing in this ever-changing present. Finding the local contexts within the global playground, they are an ecosystem that promotes dialogue, collaboration, experimentation and the dissemination of art.

Through the video work “That´s the Question” we explore the process of understanding within the realm of consciousness. How does spoken language, body language and experience becomes part of learning? How does this change with time? The video follows the journey of a boy who is exploring observation and language as interfaces for the mind to learn and understand the world. In all practicality answers usually arise from a judgment, and without judgment the answers only lead to more questions. The film attempts to navigate this space of questions without judgement, and a journey that maybe the answer.

For the creation of the video, the artists collaborated with a popular youtube animation channel for children. The channel’s compelling aesthetic stood out to us. They worked with one of the animators in this homegrown studio by providing them with a script of our story. They left the script to their interpretation and imagination. „As artists’ it was a fulfilling experience to see our ideas travel through other craftspersons and mediums and come out on the other side.“