Natasha Tontey – Pest to Power
Natasha Tontey (Yogyakarta/Indonesia) is an artist and graphic designer based in Yogyakarta. She is interested in exploring the concept of fiction as a method of speculative thinking. This investigation brings forward the fictional account of the history and myth surrounding ‘manufactured fear’ and see how it determined the expectation for the future. Her works have been shown at Next Wave Festival (2016), Koganecho Bazaar (2015), Instrument Builder Project Kyoto (2018), Other Futures: Multispecies Experiment (2019) Polyphonic Social 2019 by Liquid Architecture, K4 Gallery of Video and Moving Image (2019) and The Wrong Biennale for Digital Arts (2019) amongst others. In 2019 she received Young Artist Award by ArtJog MMXIX, HASH Award 2020 for Net-Based Projects in the Fields of Art, Technology, and Design by ZKM | Karlsruhe, Akademie SchlossSolitude, Performance Space Micro Fellowship 2020 and Martin Roth Initiative Virtual Residency for transmediale 2021.

Natasha Tontey, explores in Pest to Power the present and future of non/human networks. The work centres around the cosmos of the cockroach – an animal from which humans have much to learn. As a species that has and will survive extinction events and epochal transformations, Tontey’s work introduces the cockroach as a rich source for alternative concepts of non-human intelligence and knowledge systems. Her science-quasifictional quest celebrates the idea of an eco-centric kinship urging humans to an act of unlearning in the process of thinking and modelling the (AI) systems of our future.