Miriam Simun (New York, NY, USA) is an artist working at sites of collision: the collision of bodies (human and non) with rapidly evolving techno-ecosystems. If collision can be understood to be a form of disturbance (in the ecological sense), then in disturbance we move through damage to an opportunity for renewal. Simun works with the sensual conditions of this renewal. Spanning multiple formats including video, performance, installation and communal sensorial experiences, her work has been supported by Creative Capital, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation, and Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and can be found at miriamsimun.com

YOUR URGE TO BREATHE IS A LIE from her series Training Transhumanism (I WANT TO BECOME A CEPHALOPOD) proposes not a machine but a non-mammalian cephalopod as an evolutionary role model for human enhancement. Her video developed in collaboration with Luciana Achugar instructs psycho-physical regimes for human augmentation based on the cephalopod’s capabilities. In the face of rapid ecological and technological change, her work argues for an embodied intelligence as well as shapeshifting and distributed networks of knowledge.