Ernst Markus Stein & Auguste Vickunaite

The freelance artist Ernst Markus Stein, born 1984 in Mittweida, lives and works in Berlin and on the internet. He is co-founder of the online radio stream project DIYChurch and part of the Cashmere Radio collective. When he is not helping out in Westgermany (Berlin) you can meet him at home, from where he runs a virtual yacht club and devotes himself to underwater landscape painting, networking waves and converting content management systems into poetry. From time to time in his spare time he dresses up as a disc jockey (DJ Shlucht) and throws carpets of sound and information around him.

Auguste Vickunaite is a Berlin-based sound artist with a scientific background from Lithuania. She has a Master degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (Universität der Künste). In her works Auguste uses reel-to-reel tape recorders to play, record, and create sounds that contain diverse field recordings, live recorded material and malfunctions of the old technology itself. Her main performance collaborations of recent years are with soprano Nina Guo and dancers Ruta Butkus and Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, sound artist Hugo Esquinca. Her works combine live music and theatrical performances, installations and her main interest is creating slow art which does not avoid aesthetics of failure and tedium.