TRANS-FER Gruppenausstellung von Künstlern aus Usti n.L.

Vernissage am 7. April 2017 um 19:00 Uhr

music played by Markus Kliesch (trumpet)

Trans-fer is a journey through the time, moving ideas, moments and memories. The term for the movement is a tour or even desire. Disappearance of the way, wandering or detailed exploration of what binds us to the original, to tradition and history, leads us to deal with our past.

Artists: Vlas Presnetsov, Jan C. Löbl, Michaela Labudová, Ivana Zochová, Jáchym Myslivec, Jana Mořkovská, Olga Krulišová, Karel Konopka

Curators: Tereza Nováková, Romana Veselá

This exhibition is a cooperation between BLAUE FABRIK Dresden and „FUJEP“ Usti n. Labem.