photographs by Toni Petraschk
Exhibition 10/03/18 – 25/03/18


Seventy Two years after it’s end, the second world war is still imprinted into the collective memory and explicitly or implicitly shapes current events. Omnipresent in it’s medial reprocessing, one believes the war in a far away historical distance. Nevertheless the traces of war are to be found everywhere today, even if not always decipherable.


Next to the relicts engraved in the countryside, the constant search for missing persons and the memory of the survivors, the staging of the war is an audible resonance of the war. But in the echo of the past – inbetween imitation and authenticity – a paradox ambiguity is felt. While veterans return to the sites of their battles to admonish their horror, a new generation reenacts the war for the purpose of amusement.


Searching for tracks of the Second World War, TRACER is set between the poles of memory, remains and reenactment and describes the shifts in the collective approach to the Second World War.


Exhibition opens friday 09/03/18 at 8 pm
Live: Fliegenpilzmuseum (dübleau/Dresden –