Theo Boettger »RISE«

From 19th January til 1st of March @ galerie baer

With his conceptual works Theo Boettger targets those strengths and mechanisms within the social and cultural system which keep the functioning of late capitalism and the resulting conflict situations in motion. It is out of this that he develops his strategies of visualisation in which the general perception of the world, the collective commitment and the complexity of his own thought processes come together and are synthesised in pictorial analogies. They become the projection surface for feelings of oppression and fear which demonstrate apocalyptic qualities. Indeed, with the blend of quotations from painting, objects, sculpture, cartoons, writing and drawing, with documentary notes and the amalgam of advertising topoi and metaphors from cyberspace, the ambiguous debate becomes an extensive politicalartistic statement in which individual and collective experience are equally contained. We could say that Theo Boettger participates with great directness in the varied games of human existence which are subjected to pressure from both within and without. He operates with sensitivities and emotions at the interface between personal and social space and concentrates on making us aware of radical statements and comments on social conditions with an Old Testament vehemence, at the same time stepping beyond the individual framework with substantial utterances.

Herbert Schirmer, 2010