Svea Duwe: Grenzen als Freiheit der Andersdenkenden

In the Kunsthaus Dresden, artist Svea Duwe will show a space related installation with audiovisual documents as a situative transformation of her performance Spiegelmarsch, a choreography in public space, including head-high  mirrors, standard-bearers and a march-chime player. It is a concrete reflection of social movements that are currently taking place in Dresden and other European cities and also have to be in view considering the European history. The state of the upheaval and uncertainty of the societal situation that is currently changing around the world leads people from very different motivations in the public space to bring their concerns as a group into the public. Dresden is regularly becoming a platform for protest movements, which are despising human dignity and beyond decency and respect. In the meantime, these national marches have become a collective image in the outer perception of ‚Elbflorenz‘. In this context the mirror march does not move as a provocation, but as an aesthetic and poetic setting and attitude. The exhibition shows the elements of the mirror march and documents the performance in Dresden‘s inner city on the 18th and 20th March 2017.