In his images Ronald de Bloeme is using the familiar sign systems of modern society and deprives it of its original function. Declining the convention of industrial design, form follows function, Bloeme wipes away the function and lets form and function only appear as an aesthetic communication.
Laminar bars and form superimpose thereby the background and refuse us the view of that what we claim to be the actual content.
As a basis for the monumental triptych »New Reading« serves the motif of a billboard. At first this billboard is deconstructed, shifted and distorted by de Bloeme by computer before it experiences further alienation when put onto canvas. The written information is erased by bars that are exempted and varnished in glossy black whereas the view on the actual image object is unblocked partially.
The change between mat and glossy surfaces is of major importance for the authenticity of the works of Ronald de Bloeme. The consistent coating of varnish suggests an industrial fabrication, polish, missing edges and contorted forms again stage the individual character and damask the apparent perfection and reproduction.

Stefan Lenke’s non-objective abstract works often have their origin in an authentic experience: architecture, whereas space and light are translated into colour fields and geometrical forms, electronic music that influences Lenke via its rhythm, breaks and repeats, life in metropolises where hectic and dynamic of artists communicates between pending and falling forms, between hard colour contrasts and between the coexistence of drawn together and transparent colour fields.In his new works the moment of fleetingness plays a major role. Also seen as an exaggeration of the dynamic moment, many paintings now show a field or a corner with just one quick stroke of paint on top of the primer.Mainly his works on wooden boards and paper remind of tarnished window glasses whereas one brushes over quickly with one hand or a sleeve and sees fragments of the world lying behind before they draw together again.