(Deutsch) Stephanie Lüning. Ich & die Anderen

We are very pleased to present Stephanie Lüning’s solo exhibition “Ich & die Anderen” (me & the others) at the Galerie Gebr. Lehmann.

In her work, Stephanie Lüning deals with the deliberate relinquished control of the painterly process itself.

After various exhibitions and actions in Armenia, Indonesia, the USA and Germany, she was invited to the first European Children’s Biennial in 2018. For this exhibition – a cooperation of the National Gallery Singapore and the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden – Stephanie Lüning developed the concept of the interactive COLLECTIVITY PAINTINGS. During the Biennale (2018-2019) she used the exhibition space as her studio. During the five months the exhibition visitors were able to interact with her. She invited the visitors to actively intervene in the creation process of the paintings and to make artistic decisions on their own. This resulted in the series COLLECTIVITY PAINTINGS. In these works she released the painterly process and the decision about the composition of the pictures: the choice and placement of the colours within different formats. With the COLLECTIVITY PAINTINGS, she explores the boundaries between concrete specifications and total absence of rules.

The beginning is an idea that is transformed into a sensually perceptible object. It is from this basic rule that the framework condition or the experimental arrangement in which the resulting work can and should move develops. Material, colour, image carrier, spatial reference and temporal location are decided according to the local condition (or situation). Often from the places themselves develop a concrete specific form and/or motif. (The place and time of a process thus also determine the result.) Once a process has begun, it is irreversible and immediately makes the present of the work visible.

The works exhibited here are integrated into a written carpet of association fragments and logical conclusions.