Star Wars

Sebastian Hempel


At the opening of the Olympic winter games in Sotchi the technology failed. At the fifth ring the stylized snow flake, a sparkling star, did not open as a ring. The interest of the artist Sebastian Hempel was not provoked by the thus aligned political explosiveness since the fifth ring was meant to represent the USA but by the idea itself and the technical refinement. Hempel’s moved and light-kinetic objects and installations are always a combination of special material, physical laws, formal strength and reduced inserted playfulness. With his work of the Olympic ring »Putins Stern« the artist built an object from a real example for the first time. 10.000 illuminating diodes enable this work with a diameter of 2,70 m to »draw« a star and ring form. But also the other new objects draw patterns with moving magnets, with floating glitter into the plasma structures and rotating LEDs graphic forms. And together with light sensors one can even project one’s own self-image onto an object.


06/20/2014 – 07/25/2014, galerie baer