SOLID // In Thin Air

Opening Thursday the 15th of March, 16-22 o’clock!!


In the middle of March, Schimmel Projects – Art Center Dresden once again invites you to lose yourself. Though not just in the moment. But rather taken literally: to lose your orientation.

For that is what the artists of the collective SOLID already tell us about their upcoming exhibition:

„Maybe some objects will be covered /
Maybe the space will be half gone /
Maybe some things will become extra clear and dazzling /
Maybe you will lose sense of direction“

The concept behind and the title of the exhibition – In Thin Air – appear in an interesting contrast to the name of the artist collective – SOLID. Ideas of airy lightness and levitation juxtaposed to associations of steadiness and firm grounding.

Selina Baumann (CH), Romina Farkas (DE), Anneke Kleimann (DE) and Margot Zweers (NL) met each other during their studies at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. In the exhibition they will primarily show new works that have not been shown in public before.

The artists, who work in diverse ways as sculptors, especially focus on the varying effect of bodies in their environment. The space surrounding the objects almost seems to become a sculpture itself and gets processed and reshaped.

After forming the collective SOLID in 2016, their first exhibition A PLEASANT WALK took place in Basel this year.

Schimmel Projects is looking very much forward to welcoming the four artists from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany to Dresden and hosting their second group exhibition.

We would like to thank Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz, Freundeskreis of HfBK Dresden and Netzwerk Kreativ for supporting the exhibition.


Exhibition period: 15.03. – 25.03.2018

Opening hours: THU – SUN, 14 – 17 o’clock