Sehnsucht nach dem Jetzt

Curators: Andreas Sachsenmaier, Joachim Seinfeld, Bärbel Möllmann

The three-part exhibition deals with the longing for the fleeting and fragile, perhaps incomprehensible, moment of the present between past and future. In order to get closer to the now, what lies before and after must be considered.

Longing for the NOW takes on a new meaning in today’s times, when we are all limited by the effects of Corona. We long for a NOW as we knew it until recently, a NOW that can only take place again in the future.

The Dresden exhibition focuses on the political will to shape the future. It is gaining a new dimension through the current circumstances, which the exhibition in the GEH8 takes into account.

Opening: 11.09.2020
Duration: 12.09 – 04.10.2020
Opening hours: Thu & Fri. 4 – 9 pm, Sat & Sun. Sat 2 – 9 pm
Where: GEH8 Kunstraum