SCHWEIGWERK – a comprehensive retrospective of Detlef Schweiger

Detlef Schweiger (born 1958) developed an entirely unique method of producing etchings, a technique for which he received awards/prizes. He presented his large “saends”-material images at international exhibitions. He also evolved the drawing style “Lineamente” in addition to a unique method of ink-lavur. Schweiger is also transforming vast spaces in various local and international places into rooms full of spectral colour installations with the help of thousands of used CD’s. Since 1987 he has consistently produced new sound-video-performances with his band SARDH and has further been organising the multimedia event “Morphonic Lab” over the span of at least the past13 years in the Dresden Barockpalais Großer Garten. All of this is going to be presented in acoustic and visual examples. The complex retrospective also shows the artist’s newest works: a selected collection of ingenious and amusing glass objects. in Obergraben 10 D-01097 Dresden, open Tue-Fri 11 am – 06 pm and Sat 10 am – 3 pm.