Doppeleröffnung 17.März 20:30
Projektraum: Shinichi Ichikawa | Mistaken Connection
Lichthof: Claudia Rubner | Otherwordly

Claudia Rubner, ‚Otherwordly‘: This series is based on mythology, fantasy stories, and religious paintings. By studying the execution of older artworks including light, framing, and posture, the goal was to incorporate this inspiration and knowledge into my work. The dimension of shooting underwater adds weightlessness and otherworldliness to the image, as beneath the surface there is the possibility to build both the dramatic and the quiet in a setting that is not easily accessible.

Shinichi Ichikawa, ‚Mistaken Connections‘: The starting point of this project is to equally consider diverse bodies. I took photos of people of any age, sex, body shape and race and they are juxtaposed and reconnected. The body of one person falls apart and is connected with another. While one person is muscly, Another is ample-figured. One person is born without the left arm, Another has large surgical scars. One pregnant woman is three days before childbirth, Another has been diagnosed with an incurable disease.
 One family is descendants of immigrants, Another couple identify as LGBTQ. The bodies tell a variety of themes. As they mix together, Many „I“ are crumbled and develop relationships with one another. An unexpected problem that a person next to you have might be connected to your body. It’s not always comfortable, but as long as we live in this world, we need to continue to engage with others, without viewing them as a single homogeneous monolith.