Philipp Gloger »Harakiri«

01/18/2014 – 03/07/2014

Philipp Gloger views his works as an »overview of complexity – as a complexity« and indeed the motifs he gathers from urban spaces, the world of sports and technology seem like a structured chaos. An interlocking of pictorial spaces populated by a jungle of figures whereas there is a system at a closer look an overkill of information that discloses episodes in its detail. The world as a machine, stopped in order to uncover a casual, elusive moment hence the viewer is looking for an arm to mobilise it again.

In Gloger’s images social criticism is mirrored since it is nowadays not possible anymore to be restricted to one piece of information, never mind receiving it. The artist develops also visionary notions for example in his architectural images by proposals for a »more effective« way of building and living.