Peter K. Koch »Perfect Broken«

01/18/2014 – 03/07/2014

Viewing the works of Peter K. Koch an artistic strategy becomes visible by which he looks for the frontiers between painting and sculpture. The works illustrate Peter K. Koch’s interest for the inseparable connection between form and content, the meaning of colour and the relation of surface and space. He uses varying principles of geometrical abstraction, deconstruction and artistic conversion of materialistic singularities in order to create a closed self-referential form only. The colour fields that are slightly accumulated on the edges escape the surface and give a hint that an image by Peter K. Koch can be a sculpture at the same time, gaining volume and capturing space. Whilst the artist formerly executed the dissolution of the pictorial space via purely pictorial means and thus illusionary, his new works address the transition themselves and thus also physically operate at the boundary between surface and space.