official office

‘Ancient Customs’ Video Launch – Ullrich Klose!

After 12 months of back-office-video-screening in four international independent art spaces, the format celebrates 37 short films in a collective international online and offline environment.

SOMA in Mexico City at 5-7pm their time
Recess in New York City at 12-8pm EST
S T O R E in Dresden at 8 pm CET

official office is a collective international video screening project which consists of two Ikea shelves with symbols or a past future. On the left shelf is a monitor with rotating video programming selected by invited official office participants. On the right shelf is a vase with a flower selected by official office participants and a clock set to local time. Photographs of each official office will be uploaded to Given the enforcement of prescribed start times, the video streams will run 24-hours a day, concurrently around the world, officially. This creates a bootleg broadcast experience, a simulacrum of the shared viewing event live TV offers. Like playing music for houseplants, playing videos in offices stimulates health and well-being.

more info and archive here: