Myriam Boulos (Libanon): Corps Nu(L) und Nightshift

Born in Lebanon in 1992, Myriam Boulos graduated with a master degree in photography from Alba in 2015. She uses her camera to question the city, its people, and her place among them.


She took part in several collective exhibitions, including Photomed, Beirut Art Fair, and Common Fest, among others. She was awarded the Byblos Bank Award for Photography in 2014, which lead her to do her first solo exhibition at the Byblos Bank in April 2015.
She is also a constitutive member of the Gemini Collective (Michèle Standjofski, Laura-Joy Boulos and herself) with whom she exhibited their first project, Dirsorder(s) in Beirut, at the Galerie Janine Rubeiz in October 2015.