Merete Vyff Slyngborg and Anna Margrethe Pedersen: Amici

Opening: 09.07. 2015 // 19:00

In a recent conversation my friend Honza Hoeck made this statement: „I do administration 90% of the time. Either you settle for making art 10% of the time or you make art out of the administration“.

Amici presents works by the two Danish artists and friends of mine, Merete Vyff Slyngborg and Anna Margrethe Pedersen, who, for this show, are working with the migration of their day jobs into their art practice.

In Amici the set-up circumvents itself by this very self-proclamation. Does artistic autonomy exist? And perhaps more important, do we even want to go there? Inevitably one practice seeps into the other. With this constant fluctuating in and out of focus, money job and artistic practice, Amici is a humorous play of existentialist self reflection that extracts joy and privileges from the tediousness of work as well as celebrating the premise that everything exists on top of one another.