Maria Heidler // The Conference – 7 Skies

Maria Heidler // The Conference – 7 Skies

live video installations in public space, 2021

February 15 to March 7 2021 – 17:00-02:00 daily

In this work, the now familiar format of an online meeting appears on our home PC as well as largescale in public space. During a time of quarantine and travel restrictions, our screen and the empty storefronts of the city become windows into the distant world.

Over the next few months, different landscapes and natural phenomena will come together through live cameras in a kind of symposium. Northern lights, tides, earthquakes, rivers and all the others are in constant motion and shape our world. Nothing on this globe ever stands still. And nothing is ever beside the point.

The focus of The Conference is this net of effective forces that stretches around the earth. 7 Skies is the prelude to the series and opens up the view into the vastness of the Northern Horizon and the magical luminescence of the polar nights. Depending on weather and solar storms, northern lights can occur, but this is entirely up to the fate of nature.