Alma Alloro. Magenta Dream™

Eröffnung/Event: 18.12.2015
geöffnet: 18.12.2015 – 01.01.2016


Magenta Dream™ is an ongoing visual research by artist Alma Alloro on the aesthetic of borscht, a soup of Ukrainian origin, that is her medium of choice in order to investigate the notion of branding. The distinctive color of beetroot in borscht, magenta (hex code #FF00FF), which is the point of departure into a deconstruction of the product identity. The project will take the form of a cooking show filmed in the presence of a live audience. During the show, chef Alloro will host a mysterious but well-known figure. Together, they will prepare borscht and talk about Magenta Dream™ – a spiritual term used by the artist to describe sensual phenomena seemingly occurring while making borscht. The public is invited to participate as audience or crew members.

Magenta Dream™ will take place at S T O R E contemporary Dresden on December 11 and 12, 2015. The studio set will be open to the public as installation and art exhibition.

Alma Alloro lives and works in Berlin. Her practice explores the interplay between traditional craft mediums and digital culture, examining formal and emotional aspects of modern technology. Her work has been shown at Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv; Preview Berlin; GLI.TC/H festival in Chicago and Amsterdam; Furtherfield Gallery, London; Transfer Gallery, NYC; Hypersalon, Miami Beach and the Musrara Mix New Media Festival in Jerusalem, among others. Alloro studied art and education at the Midrasha School of Art (Israel) and received her MFA in Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.