Lisa Pahlke. Lisa Pahlke (im Kabinett: Dana Berg)

We are very pleased to present Lisa Pahlke’s solo exhibition “The Inside of the Surface” at the Galerie Gebr. Lehmann.
Line follows line. The eye follows her contemplatively. Wavy, curved, flowing, overlapping, multi-layered line structures form organic surfaces. The result is a dynamic form that rests within itself again, whose continuous lines overcome their once one-dimensionality. The abstract objects detach themselves from their white background and emerge. Individual associations follow and end in a broad spectrum of interpretations. On large sheets of white paper Lisa Pahlke deals with the line as a space-defining and form-giving unit. Felt-tip pens filled with ink are used to model abstract spatial forms line by line with minimalist use of the medium. From individually arranged lines in different colour gradations, abstract three-dimensional structures with associative surface structures emerge.
The image structure established in the artist’s canon is reminiscent of her earlier artistic engagement with photograms. Furthermore, in view of the empty background of the picture, it is impossible to spatially locate the events in the picture. The individual objects thus stand alone and seem to be detached from the world.  If the form is ambiguous, the titles of her works in the past were mostly concrete and thus give rise to interpretation. Based on an algorithm specially developed for this purpose, the titles of the works created from 2019 onwards now consist of a sequence of individual symbols that refer to the dating of the respective work. With these titles, which are again based on individual lines and thus self-referential code-similar, Lisa Pahlke frees her objects on a further level from a concretized interpretation and meaning.
Lisa Pahlke drives the play with the unavoidable human urge to give all things a name, a definition, and thus a meaning, and asks within the exhibition the question of the versatile possibilities of the inner side of each surface.