Stefan Krauth

Hardly any other media generates authenticity in the way photography does. The suggestion of truthfulness and our trust leave a large scope of manipulation to the medium of photography. Stefan Krauth’s works are staged manipulations. Original, mainly documentary photographs taken while traveling, experience an artistic editing as primary material. Motivic elements of the image are being retouched or mounted, changed through analogue interferences such as exterior lighting and afterwards re-taken from the monitor, sometimes even several times. The monitor grid, screen reflections, dust particles and smoke distance the depicted and transfer reality into fiction. Stefan Krauth uses those faults as a pictorial moment. In connection to the sometimes bizarre manipulations, his images develop a somehow deep lyrical and narrative context, that is again escalated by the titles.

In the beginning the artist was aiming at creating clichés out of real motifs, now the romantically arcane gains more significance in his image narrations. The human is only anonymously depicted, mostly from behind or from a distance; any hints to concrete places have been eliminated from the image.

While watching the awareness remains, that those images are constructed but still at the same time one is tempted to make this fiction plausible.