No kidding! – Annette Schröter and her master class

08.03.2014 – 12.04.2014


Fr. 07.03.2014 – 6pm


Only sunday painters like to paint.

This slightly confusing statement comes from Hans Platschek, a painter and art critic from Hamburg.

Uttering this pointed remark, he decidedly rejects people of a rather simple mind who believe that the application of paint on a canvas or the work at the printing press or the drawing table serve as a simple pastime or a recreational activity. At times, the creation of a painted picture, a grafic or a drawing can nevertheless bring about a sensation of massive content and happiness – it may even result in a state of euphoria. Especially, when something turns out to be particularly good or inventive, unprecedented in its appearance and with the unique quality to surprise even it’s creator.

The master students know this state.

After their years at the art academy, many initial exercises, attempts and sometimes aberrances, their present preoccupation began to assume a clear and headstrong shape. Self confident and independent of each other, they have decided to follow an individual artistic position at the end of their advanced studies period, which will have their undivided attention during the time as student in the master class. May it be a provoking subject matter or a particular grafic technique, a clear message or the pictorial remedy of a formal challenge, a frail glazing or pastose color application or a monochrome vs. a strongly contrasting representation of the world – the decision isn’t based on a spontaneous intuition nor due to a momentary whim – in every single case, it has been made the hard way. And it won’t be final – the exhibiting artist are too young for that.

All of them have a great sense of humor – but what they acquired has not been done simply for the fun of it. One thing is certain: You may expect a lot in the future.

Prof. Annette Schröter, January 2014

Mona Broschár was born in 1985 in Bad-Säckingen. From 2006 until 2012 she studied Painting and Grafic Reproduction at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and the Erasmus Camberwell College of the Arts in London. She is student in the master class since summer 2012.

Benjamin Dittrich, born in Düsseldorf in 1987, completed his degree in Painting and Grafic Reproduction with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in summer 2012. Since then he is student in the master class of Prof. Annette Schröter.

Yuka Kashihara was born in Hiroshima in 1980. After completing her studies of japanese painting at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, she pursued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig between 2007 and 2013. She became a master student in 2013.

Heinrich Mauersberger, born in Leipzig in 1987, studied Painting and Grafic Reproduction at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden in the class of Prof. Elke Hopfe and Prof. Ralf Kerbach between 2008 and 2013. Since fall 2013, he is a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Annette Schröter was born in Meissen in 1956. She first completed her training as a porcelain painter before she studied with Bernhard Heisig at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig between 1977 and 1982. After her emigration to Hamburg in 1985, she returned to Leipzig together with her Husband Erasmus Schröter in 1997, where she was appointed Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.

Robert Schwark was born in Burgstädt in 1983. Between 2004 and 2010, he studied Painting and Grafic Reproduction at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig where he became student of the master class in 2011.