The Dresden International Summer Academy for Visual Arts 27.07.-09.08.2014

The Summer of 2014 is approaching fast and so ist the Summer Academy in Dresden with its twenty courses in different art disciplines, its extended programme and special courses for youth and kids.

This year, the Academy emphasize the human figure with both its academic and contemporary implications. Luckily, the Academy have won Manfred Zoller, a leading expert in artistic anatomy, to teach one of our drawing classes. Trained as an artist and as a physician he will introduce us to his vast and stunning expertise. Other courses will also focus on the creative potential of the figure: this applies to a rather unique class by the British sculptor Heather Allen, who will investigate interesting border zones between installation and spatial experiments as well as to the painting courses with Paule Hammer and Stefan Heizinger, drawing with Dorothea Schulz, collage with Ruth Habermehl, wood sculpture with Klaus Hack or stone sculpture with Maria Rucker. In all these courses you will actively experience how established artistic techniques claim their relevance in our presence. Accordingly, Jan Brokof will demonstrate the everlasting energy of woodcut. On the other hand, the video class, run by our Slovenian guests. Nika Oblak & Primož Novak will deal with means and methods of digital as well as analog manipulation of images. Art has always been a mirror of contemporary life – in particular in the field of photography, which will be taught by Arwed Messmer, a talented analyst of recent history and by Eliška Bartek, a poet of the minuscule detail.