Athanasios Argianas, Susan Hiller,
Rowena Hughes, Elizabeth McAlpine
Curated by Christine Nippe

January 19 – March 9, 2013
Opening January 19, 4 – 9 pm

In the Air Tonight is a gathering of works by four London-based artists into an exhibition whose content and curatorial approach evoke and coincide strongly with associations and memories of a pop song from 1981. The essence of this exhibition is reflected in its title, as well as in its devotion to an aesthetics—aesthetics being the core of artistic production—which allows the comprehension of developments in art that are literally “in the air.” The addition of “tonight” is a reference to the act of curation, the fragmentary and temporary quality of an exhibited constellation. Rather than being based on a clear-cut theme, the nucleus of the curatorial practice that gave rise to In the Air Tonight was shaped by an intensive research process and a chance-driven approach. The idea was to produce a many-voiced setting that includes contrasting artistic methods so as to reveal cross-references and aesthetic overlappings such as reduced color spectrums, elaborately treated surfaces, and a common drive toward the linkage of form and content.
text: Christine Nippe