In Firm Hands – Columbus Prize for contemporary art in cooperation with the ADKV Exhibition, Raphaela Vogel, winner in 2015

In her video works Raphaela Vogel opened suspense, touching the pulse of contemporary artistic discourse. Again and again it comes down to the individual person in his public viewing and to self-reflective perceptions of – and to – exhibiting. The nature of the use of digital technologies such as drones, projectors, action cameras for artistic content, aimed again at the individual, or is is an existential fragility. In addition, control or their loss, ritual or free movement, natural or high-tech, hectic or calm are woven into each other, away from Gnostic black and white viewing. On the other hand are playing these two tints of the world a large role in their videos. These are not simply shown, they are installed with buildings belonging to them in the room. Guarded by hanging image skins, partly plastically in space, associating their forms to the previously next door slaughterhouse, gender relations questioningly placing in the room. And lions, not like the Dresden blazon figure who paw keep charged only warning that artists Lions take action and took the snake under their paws.