I am not your target audience – The collection Stefan Heinemann

Curated by Tulga Beyerle and Nils Hilkenbach

I am not my target audience – The collection Stefan Heinemann

Since having been in his youth, today’s Dresden lawyer Stefan Heinemann discovered the collection and promotion of contemporary art and culture as his great passion. Over the years, this passion has grown into an impressive collection of contemporary art, which speaks artistically the language of its time, and at the same time shows a part of Heinemann’s varied and extensive commitment to art and culture in Dresden.

There are collections in which, above all other concerns, the collector’s own emphatic relationship to art, to common life and artistic thinking is looming: encounters, friendships and the conditions of living. The collection Stefan Heinemann can be read as a biographical development of values, design preferences, theme- and content affinities and an intense desire for art and culture.
In this respect, the selection of works for the exhibition is close to the life and character of the collector, and is characterized by the diversity and openness of his perspective on art. In addition to the numerous works that have entered the collection through personal references and ties of friendship, works of different artists, dealing with text, typography and lines, form a special focus. Likewise, a selection of photographs and drawings gives an overview of the range of artistic languages Stefan Heinemann has been gathering in his collection.

The Kunsthaus Dresden shows I am not my target audience. The Heinemann Collection in order to honor Stefan Heinemann’s continuous commitment to art and culture in Dresden.