Host Body Cabaret – POP UP Performance

Caroline Beach+Julia Rusevich+unconfirmed co-conspirators

Is a Pop-up performance. Supported by the TanzNetzDresden. Hosted by hi-jacked bodies on the edge of biological separatism. Temporary alliances formed by giving high-fives to low frequencies. Performing body drag for an audience of poetic napkins. Wipe off your humanity and reclaim your fish spine. Fish nets are free radicals and even the orchestra is beautiful. At any given moment the threat of an outbreak of song dance or botulism looms large. Hybrid sensations seduce with a slow stripping of binary definitions. Prosthetics. Prophetics. And all that jazz.

Host Body Cabaret
02. Oktober
Doors open 20.00
Show at 20.30

POP UP is a project of @TanzNetzDresden, in cooperation with @C. Rockefeller Center for Contemporary Arts, funded by Landeshauptstadt Dresden – Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Sächsische Staatsministeriums für Soziales und Verbraucherschutz sponsored by @Kultopia gGmbH.