Christian Schwarzwald

Drawing is Christian Schwarzwald’s artistic medium. He uses different techniques and image sources that are phrased to a new image language within the drawing. The works of Schwarzwald are similar to a sign system. In his space filling installations of drawings that build from drafts and graphic notes, the artist uses individual drawings like bricks for his own system of language and thus claims next to the overall view a discussion of detail of each individual drawing. For the current exhibition »Heap« the artist examined countless individual sheets of the same measurements and investigated their communication and compatibility with each other. After he had messed the sheets all up again about 60 works remained. The presentation in a strict circular tape tempts the viewer to read a story in the heterogenic motifs of linear patterns, organic structures and items or to follow some logic. But as always Schwarzwald counts on illusion and irritation.

galerie baer
09/14/2013 – 10/18/2013