geh8 season start

The geh8 opens the exhibition and concert season 2015!

Saturday, 28th of March at 19:00 o´clock.

admission free / donation desired

After the uncertainties in the penultimate and final year, we can now strengthened and confident start in a new year, the 8th of our existence!

geh8 turns 8 and surprises from March to October with a variety of exhibitions, projects and concerts of contemporary art and music. The birthday party will take place on 16 May.

But at the beginning we look forward to a concert evening with 3 music performances of very different kinds:

19:30 p.m.

André Obermüller (spiritus rector of the geh8 concert program) will realize “Aggregation 2” – a project for 4 guitarists, as the compositional act involving once more the performance situation. With Joachim Wespel, Max Loeb and Konni Behrendt he has three of the most renowned guitarists of the Dresden jazz and free music scene at his side.

20:15 p.m.

The second program point are the four musicians of the German-French-Italian band „Die Hochstapler“ („the impostores“). Its concept is based on examinations with various musical personalities, which they approach partly compositional partly improvised. After Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman their attention is now considered the work of the musician and pioneer of communication theory Alvin P. Buckley.

22:00 p.m.

For the last live act of the evening, we are pleased to welcome the Banda Comunale. You better leave the description of their music themselves: “… The Cumbia, for example, is somewhere between ska and swing, and in its Latin American origin brings with it heartache and booty shaking. John Zorn and Ornette Coleman squeak from the side, the Beastie Boys want in and Willie Colon doesn´t strike a note.

On this occasion, we may celebrate the birthday of Martin Schulze, the organizer of the evening and the trombonist of the Banda.

from 11:00 p.m.

Next we look forward to the cumbia, swing and funk grooves of DJ Mozzquito and cozy campfire to celebrate with you the new season.

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Kind Regards,

geh8 art space and studios e.V.!