Frank Hoffmann ” smooth operator”

The power of painting
Frank Hoffmann’s work
mea res agitur.
He always keeps his camera at hand.
He photographs whatever he deems worthy of depiction,
may it be at home or on the move. However, these pictures are not finished works, but merely sketches.
This is what Frank Hoffmann calls them.
They are sketches, from which his painting develops into a specific meaning. While many other photographers
want their pictures to represent reality, for Frank Hoffmann the photographs are nothing else than a starting
point to question reality. He looks at the photographic images and finds inherent subtexts within them, which
will then take form in his paintings. Often he works with the computer. On the computer screen he arranges the
pictures to montages, in which they acquire a new reality. Frank Hoffmann prefers fiction over documentation.
Fiction is generally superior, because it provides the image with an interpretation, while documentation can only reproduce reality. The hermeneutical access to the world is in its implicit and symbolic forms an eminent artistic one, even though it is not allowed to unfold in the artwork like a philosopher’s discourse. We, the human race, are loo king for meaning and we expect from the artist nothing less, than that he interprets the world for us and that this interpretation is about us…Auszug Katalogtext