ETERNAL APPLICATIONS – Axel Gouala (FR) / Simon Kentgens (NL) / Lucie Freynhagen / Andreas Ullrich

The playground of cultural applications is large and includes commercial, such as (allegedly because exclusively aesthetically position-referential) political intentions, historical occupations and socially generally accepted truths. The combination of various cultural references and set pieces is also a long-running artistic practice. In addition to the artist’s self-empowerment of content, as an attack on the sovereignty of interpretation, the appeal of this practice lies in the mental liberation from supposedly fixed contexts, which can lead to absurd and enlightening possibilities through the artistic application of cultural applications.

Under the exhibition title eternal applications, four contemporary media artists from Germany, France and the Netherlands come together to present their works in context and aesthetics on this playground. Eternal refers here to the almost infinite offer of cultural vocabulary, which the artists make use of. With application the manifold translation quality into german language is brought together, which in addition to the applied application (Applikation), includes the canditature (Bewerbung) for content, as well as the means (Mittel), the assignment (Auftrag) and the use (Verwendung), as it were.

Opening 5.7.2018 / 8pm

ETERNAL APPLICATIONS  Axel Gouala (FR) / Simon Kentgens (NL) / Lucie Freynhagen / Andreas Ullrich  5.7.-19.7.2018 @ C. ROCKEFELLER CENTER for the Contemporary Arts, Rudolf-Leonhard Str. 54 HH, 01097 Dresden / Image Credits: © AXEL GOUALA “Le Grand Tour” 2018


Diese Ausstellung ist gefördert durch:

Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz

Eurométropole de Strasbourg

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