Groupshow at studio MIKKY BURG

Studio MIKKY BURG is re-opening for a big group exhibition and a video evening. Together with art historian Dr. Holger Birkholz, a group from 15 old and new studio members show their current art work:

Kristina Berndt, Johanna Boland, Arina Essipowitsch, Sebastian Gallschütz, Olga Grigorjewa, Caroline Günther, Sophie Lindner, Jonas Lewek, Anita Müller, Suntje Sagerer, Charlotte Perrin, Henrike Pilz, Juliane Schmidt, Katarina Schrul and Martin Wiesinger

//Saturday, 21.01.2017 from 17 to 22 pm
//Sunday, 22.01.2017 from 15 to 20 pm
//Saturday, 28.01.2017 from 15 to 21 pm
//Sunday, 29.01.2017 from 15 to 21 pm

at 17 pm the artists of the studio show their film work in a video evening to discuss their works. Dr. Holger Birkholz will moderate through the event which will end with the finissage of the exhibition.