The artistgroup LOJP is opening an exhibition series on the issue of Dialog, starting in the WERKGALERIE this year.  Collages, drawings and videoworks of the artists will be presented.
The dialog and the communication with each other is one main point of the artistgroup  LOJP.
Manja Barthel, Constanze Böckmann and Nina May are the members of the group right now. They work differently, their point of contact is the communication, the exchange of ideas, the reflexion of their thoughts and works and the various views on several topics they are working on.

The exhibition opens at the 7th February at 7 pm. A Wortperformance will take place. Different voices will dialogize, “erörtern” – “sich verorten” – locate themselves.

Within the context of the Equal Pay Days there will be a movienight at the  13th of March at 6pm. Films of female artists will be shown.