Zum Abschluß des jährlich ersten Dresdner Galerienrundgangs des DCA gibt es wieder eine Abschlussveranstaltung im CROCKEFELLER CENTER mit internationalem Sound-, Video- und Performance Kunstprogramm. Eintritt 3€ / Die Konzerte beginnen um 20:00 Uhr!!


Live! (please klick Name for Link 😉


DJ PAYPAL (Teklife)


DJ Paypal is one of footwork’s most fascinating figures. His playful moniker and internet-savvy branding hint at a healthy sense of humour, but his music is as lush and soulful as his fellow Teklife producers. As the leader of Mall Music, the label home to peers like DJ Orange Julius and DJ Mastercard, he’s outlined a new take on footwork laden with lush synthesizers and hi-definition sonics, while most recently his work on LuckyMe has pointed towards an interest in soul and disco. He’s already mastered the silky Teklife roller, embellishing the formula with hip-hop sensibilities, funky synth runs and vocoder lines. Ever the collaborative spirit, Paypal hooks up with familiar faces like Teklife members DJ Earl and Taye, and some names outside the world of footwork, including Tielsie and Keiska.


333 BOYZ

The LA-born Berlin-based producers and DJ dream team 333 Boyz have been steadily building a reputation as two of the most intriguing new DJs in Berlin, and with their toxic EP “Pink Freak” arriving on 3hd’s platform, it’s easy to understand why. Listen to the dancefloor-friendly beats, and super chill “Pink Freak” EP in it’s entirety.



Wilted Woman alias E. Slemo (burning eel?). Noise / industrial and musique concrète of two weapons groan sound features a techno-Buripu, graveyard soundscapes end values and mysterious mood has spread! Woman is satiety in chef dark techno grill.



Ernst Markus Stein aka DJ Shlucht (Berlin), Performance- und Audio Künstler, arbeitet mit abstrakten Sound und gefundenem Sprachmaterial – oft von Dadaismus und Fluxus Elementen durchsetzt – ohne Scheu vor Humor. Nutzt klassische DJ-Techniken (Vinyl, Kassetten, Cds).! https://partymitmusik.bandcamp.com/track/pocket-memories-a-ssentialedit



Leckhaus is a fashion label which formed itself in summer 2016. We supply fashion that will help you to cope w/ your daily struggles. https://de-de.facebook.com/Leckhaus/