Das Libellenschwert – Jens Schubert

The dawn of a new age had come when the foreign ships appeared in the skies of his world for the first time. They were beautiful. Beautiful and threatening like giant insects, dazzling in green and black and golden colour with that purple shimmer, covering every inch of their surface. They were radiant with an air of mischief.

For many of his kind, the way led on board of these ships. They were bookmen, scientists, ambassadors; mighty warriors even – but none of them returned. The secret of the Skyships remained a mystery.

Now, he found himself awake in the gloomy stomach of the gigantic entity. Beams of light penetrated through tiny holes far above him into the huge cavern on whose metal ribs he was sitting. What did happen? How did he come here? A mist was putting the labyrinth that once resembled his memories into a blur. However, slowly, he found a path that helped him recall the tide of events that brought him into his current situation.

He had come to accomplish a mission.

Jens Schubert was born in the Erzgebirge in 1983 and studied Visual Arts and Graphic Reproduction at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig where he completed the master class of Prof. Annette Schröter in 2011. Jens Schubert lives and works in Leipzig.